For you to be an effective employer, you must pay your employees fairly. By being fair, it means paying the right amount for the hours worked. If a person worked for 5 hours, it is unfair to pay them a similar amount with one who worked for 8 hours. However, you need to track the hours worked which means you should have a sign in/sign out system.

With this, you can know the time one reported on the job and when they left. Unlike olden days when you had to calculate hours worked with a pen and paper by checking it on the attendance register, technology revolutionized it. Today, you can track your employees through your POS system. But how does this benefit you? Read on to know.

Improved punctuality

With the attendance register system, employee arriving late on the job has an opportunity to manipulate the information they provide. For instance, an employee can arrive at 9.00am while as the set time is 7.00am. Instead of indicating the actual arrival time, they indicate the set one. This act affects your business as you pay for two ghost hours.

However, with a sign in/sign out feature in your POS system, you remove any cheating opportunities. Since no one can take the system for a ride, you will know the exact arrival time for each employee. By this, you enhance punctuality as no one would like to top the latecomers’ list.

Improve internal communications

Apart from enhancing punctuality, the sign in/ sign out feature improves internal communication in your business. With it, employees and the management get an update when an employee reports for the job. Hence, you establish a stable internal social platform where employees can exchange ideas and information with one another. Also, the platform is secure since no third party can access it. Thus, this feature enables you to improve internal communication in your enterprise which is a step ahead in enhancing productivity.

Boost accuracy and efficiency in your business operations

With a good sign in/out feature in your POS system, you will always have accurate information of hours worked. Instead of using guesswork and error made during attendance register recording, the system provides you with precise information on hours worked and the right pay for each staff. Also, with it, you can improve your business efficiency as you know the number of staffs present and those absent without moving from your desk. Hence, if a new client visits your premises, you know where to direct them.